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  A Professional Plastic Molding Manufacturer in Chonqing
  Strive for excellence, technology first; Go for success, people oriented. 1The perfect combination of modern technology and ingenious team, will improve your competiveness. Good mold, made in Meike.
  Meike Mold, with precision workshop, heavy-duty workshop, and injection molding workshop, is mainly engaged in manufacturing injection molds in automotive, medical,  precision electronics, household appliances and other industries.
  Precision workshop, a  fully air-conditioned workshop, with high-speed CNC machine, GF mirror EDM machine, low-speed wire cutting, as well as fitting machine, mainly produce injection molds of plastic gears, double-color parts, wearable products, printer parts, medical parts, instrumentation parts,  precision electronic parts etc.
  Heavy-duty workshop, with  2 meters five-axis high-speed CNC machining center (expect  to factory in September 2019), 2.3 meters high speed gantry CNC machining center, large double head spark machine, as well as 200T fitting machine, mainly produce large injection molds of automotive interior parts, door planks, central screen, seats, and household appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, TV sets, monitors etc.
  Injection workshop, with 250T rotary double-color injection molding machine, and 80-1000T of Haitian injection molding machines, is mainly engaged in mold trials and precision parts production.
  Meike Mold  was established in 2012 in Chongqing(Its predecessor ,Shenzhen Saiqi founded in 1998). Up to now, we have 120 employees, with annual turnover of 50 million RMB, of which main  technicians have 20-25 years of mold manufacturing experience. In 2016,our molds exported to Europe and North America accounted for 22.3% of the total output value. With the increase of customers' recognition of Meike Mold and the expansion of the market, the proportion of molds exported continues to grow.
  With ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification,OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and mold production management software and other means for quality control, progress control, zero manual (except polishing), parts testing, parts exchange and other operating requirements are leading in the same industry.
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  We are in line with "dedicated to mold production, rooted in Chongqing, competed in China, serve the world" management idea. We will  take advantage of the rich human resources in central and western China, the most reasonable CPI, as well as the mold technology, technical team and management experience accumulated in more than 20 years in Shenzhen. Furthermore, we will compete with the most developed mold areas in China, such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places on quality and price. We want to establish a good reputation and play a leading role in mold industry. At the same time, we will train more talents for the industry, and  provide customers with the most satisfactory molds made in Chongqing.
  Located in the central and western part of China, with landscape people and scenic beauties, Chongqing is one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, also the most developed city in China's automobile manufacturing industry. It is well-known in automobile industry, such as Ford, Hyundai, Chang'an, Mazda, Baic, Dongfeng Sokon and Liuzhou Wuling. It is also famous in electronics products manufacturing industrysuch aslaptops and computers  ofFoxconn, Quanta, Pegatron, Compal etc. This is the starting point of  Chongqing New Europe railway. Also, the largest airport in western China will be completed in 2016.
  Customer is the owner of  Meike, and  Meike will provide you the most intimate services.

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