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General Electric Appliances (GEA) MRO Project Completes First Production Delivery
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2020 Work Resumption After Spring Festival
Since in January, 2020, the new coronavirus spread all over China, has pushed the country into a state of first-class commercial preparedness, which also affected most Chinese companies. Meike, whose original plan to start work on January 31st, was pushed back for several times and finally started his work on February 10th. In order not to be affected by the epidemic, the company has formulated the following policies:
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2019 Smart China Expo
2019 Smart China Expo was held in Chongqing, with its main focus of industrial interconnection. The 2nd Industrial Internet Summit Forum will be held on August 27 at 14 p.m. in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center. According to Wang Yifei, deputy director of Intelligence Department of Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, the topic of this forum is "Platform Empowering and Build the Future Together", which will reveal the full extent of the latest development of the Industrial Internet, key technologies and industrial development direction.
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Industrial Internet and Plant Intelligence
On June 25th-28th, I attended a four-day study on Industrial Internet + Plant Intelligence sponsored by the Chongqing Economic and Information Commission. During the first two days of the study, with the knowledge of modern industry and the application of the network in the industry from professors of coasts and universities, I have learned so much about new management specifications and process technologies; several professors explained the current industrial internet status in detail from top companies in all industries, carded the whole process of industrial internet, which make us have the most basic and complete understanding of Industrial Internet+.
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High-tech Enterprise
After one year's review by three authorities of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Chongqing Finance Bureau and Chongqing Municipal Tax Service, State Taxation Administration and all departments,Chongqing Meike Mold Engineering has been approved as a high-tech enterprise since November 12th, 2018. This means Meike's achievements on Mold Production has been gained recognition during the past few years. This also breeds our confidence on mold production. Therefore, we would be more motivated to develop our enterprise and take a lead in mold industry.
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Making a Mold Technical Reply at Geely Automobile Research Institute
Meike has undertaken the molds of a Korean-owned enterprise for Geely Automobile. Geely Automobile has a very strict control over the mold suppliers, and therefore require them to go to Geely Automobile Research Institute for review and technical defense. To make sure Meike can pass the preliminary review and obtain the qualification for Geely Mold suppliers, our general manager personally led the team to Geely Automobile Research Institute to meet Geely Automobile experts, followed with Geely parts suppliers.
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Development and Production of Automobile Sealing Strip Plastic Clips
Under the active promotion of our clients, Meike has began the production of molds and parts automobile plastic clip's production. Plastic clips belong to universal parts, of which the quantity is relatively large, but unit price is rather low. To ensurea certain profit, more cavities should be designed under the high requirements of long mold life and short cycle time.
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Meike Obtained "Mekecool" Class 11 and 9 Trademark Registration Certificate
After two year-long wait, Meike finally abtained "Mekecool" class 9 and 11 trademark registration certificates.The two trademarks were applied for automobile electronics and car refrigerator project.
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Going out - 2019 New Year, New Beginning in Meike Mold
In 2019, the Meike will set sail again.
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New Client from USA
Through the application of molds for new materials in the refrigerator project, Chongqing Meike Mold Engineering started the business relationship with GE Appliances and successfully registered as one of the injection mold isuppliers of GE.
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Haier First Batch of Mold to Be Delivered
Haier is recognized as "famous trademark of China", and Haier Electronics is also widely known all over the world.
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Meike Mold Trademark Registration Certificate
Since the establishment of Meike in 2012, it has attached great importance to trademarks and intellectual property rights. Since 2013, it has submitted trademark applications of "" in Chinese and “MEIKE”in English. In 2015, the Trademark Office rejected the registration of trademark"“ in Chinese, at the same time, "MEIKE "English trademark was publicized. In 2016, an objection was raised by some companies on "Meike" trademark categarized as Class 7,therefore,Chongqing Meike Mold Engineering Co., Ltd. organized the experts to defend the objection, after two rounds of rights protection, in 2018, "MEIKE" Trade Mark Registration Certificate was finally obtained. Since then, Meike has its own trademark, and Meike Mold will make Chongqing's own brand.
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CCP First Mold Delivery
Central Carolina Products Inc(CCP), a North Carolina company, is professional in mold injection and parts assembly. CCP mainly develop auto parts and molds, medical parts and molds, household parts and molds. Sam Thompson, tooling manager from CCP, visited Meike last year, After that, with over 6 months communication, the first mold started production this March. The mold was approved by CCP in Mid-June, and was received after one month's sea shipment. The first testrun in CCP went very well, and the customer is satisfied with the mold.
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2018 Efficient Processing Technology Seminar
On April 24th, 2018, Shunqing Dai, director of CNC programming department of Meike and Zhongxiang Zhou, director of mold production department of Meike participated in the “2018 Efficient Processing Technology Seminar” sponsored by Ringier Exhibition Company. This seminar mainly includes precision machining, intelligent automation, and laser processing. Many experts from efficient processing and related fields have had wonderful discussions and sharings with us. Some topics have given me a new understanding of efficient machining.
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Sweeping Robot Project
Sweeping robot projrect was began in mid-November 2017 with Fmart Technology Co., Ltd Chongqing branch.This project total 42 sets of injeciton mold within 2 contract. It was take nearly 5 months to mold design, mold trial, mold modification, the first batch of small production was done.
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